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The Life and Legacy of

Adrian Allen Potts

Adrian Allen Potts was born on December 15, 1995.  While some called him Adrian and others called him Potts, those from his hometown of North Carolina knew and called him  "The Mayor of Charlotte".  Although Adrian was young in age, he was well verse and sensitive to the inequities that permeates communities throughout our nation.  He was always the mediator, bringing people together with an infectious energy and innate sense of justice , attended college to pursue a career as a lawyer hoping to make an impact in the lives of the underserved and underrepresented.  Adrian's will to do and become a better person was offend displayed with all who knew him.  He is the true essence of an Ambitious Person Trying Overtly To Succeed.

Adrian was most comfortable as the life of the party, where his infectious personality and welcoming spirit made even strangers feel as if they were lifetime friends.  He was optimistic about becoming an integral part of helping this nation to fulfill its true purpose and viewed family as the primary pillar in making this vision a reality.  He was the rock of the family and often times encouraged them to think more critically, smile more brightly and party a little harder.

Adrian was a very ambitious person who seek out and started various business ventures.  He valued the importance of working hard, building strong relationships and taking the lead to promote several businesses.  He always gave 100 % to everything he did and pursued the goals and task as hand with grace.  What some thought was a challenge, Adrian made them believe collectively it would be attained.

A loving son, brother and committed friend, Adrian’s life was tragically cut short in June of 2016 just days before DeAndre had his name called in the NBA draft.  His spirit, energy and passion for the greater good will be forever missed.

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